Ask Your House of Representatives Member to Save Our Seas!

The Save Our Seas Act (HR2748) is a critical piece of legislation to make a huge step forward in reducing our marine debris problem. In August, the Senate unanimously passed the bill, moving it on to be passed thru the House of Representatives. We invite you to copy our pre-drafted letter and paste it into your own email to send to your House Representative asking them to support the Save Our Seas Act. If you do not know who your Representative is you can find him/her here.

Dear (your U.S. Representative),

I'm sure you are aware of the historical, unanimous passing of the Save Our Seas Act (HR2748) in the Senate this past August.  The fact that this bill passed through the Senate unanimously shows that reducing our marine debris and saving our seas is a bipartisan issue and should continue to be treated as such.

I am asking you as a concerned citizen from your district to please join many of your fellow Representatives who have already done so as a co-sponsor of HR2748.  The Save Our Seas Act is a critical step forward in the global fight to clean up our oceans and waterways.  I also encourage you to please encourage your fellow State Representatives to join you as co-sponsor in the passing of this historic bill.

The influx of plastics and other marine debris into our world's oceans is reaching a critical point.  We are seeing more marine mammal beachings, dead seabirds, and an exponential drop in the health of our marine fisheries all due to this issue.  The time to act is now!  Please pledge your support of HR2748 as a co-sponsor and help Save Our Seas today!

Thank you for your time,

(your name)